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A lot of consumers are in a panicked mindset…

Frankly, I’m still moving between trying to stay calm and feeling panicked myself.

As business owners we need to do what we can to keep our employees and our customers feeling assured that – just like them, we’re doing our utmost to keep the communities which surround us, safe.

This is why communicating with your customers is important. If a customer is going to come into your shop, come in contact with things (and people) in your store, or will receive something shipped to them that was touched and processed by anyone… You have to let them know about the steps you are taking.


  • Automotive repair shops should communicate to their customers that they sanitize the steering-wheel and shift knob before returning it to them.
  • Hotels (and my heart goes out to them) are being very hard-hit, and should all be communicating the intense measures which staff are taking from the front desk to how rooms are cleaned.
  • Retail businesses need to communicate the frequency of cleaning and build sanitizing into their merchandising procedures.
  • Coffee shops and restaurants, like retail, also need to communicate the importance of hand-washing and hygiene.
  • I personally also believe that we should communicate how businesses are caring for their staff. After all… leadership comes from the top down.

Here are the key points I am directing businesses to communicate

  • Acknowledge that Coronavirus is something the business is taking active measures to combat.
  • State how employees are being trained (and cared for).
  • Indicate any rules you are instituting (like coffee shops not accepting personal use cups).
  • Talk about cleanliness and sanitizing procedures.
  • Talk about the FREQUENCY you are cleaning (daily… it better be daily).
  • Talk about how you are limiting contact.

What am I suggesting not to communicate

  • Don’t complain to your customers. Everyone is scared right now – try to brighten the day of your customers, they will appreciate you for it.

I have created some examples of well-done Coronavirus business notifications here.