Uncertain times can take a toll on your mental health. That doesn’t make you weak… it makes you human.

If you are in immediate distress, don’t wait, call:

If you’re struggling, here are some resources.

Not in Alberta? Here are some Canada-wide resources.

Located in Calgary and want to know the City support numbers (N11 codes)?

N11 Code Services

  • Dial 811 for Non-urgent Health Care Telephone Triage Service (especially if you suspect you or someone close to you have Coronavirus)
  • Dial 211 for Public Information and Referral Services

  • Dial 311 for Non-emergency Municipal Government Services

  • Dial 411 for Local Directory Assistance

  • Dial 511 for Weather and Traveler Information Services

  • 911 Emergency (Police, Fire/Rescue, Ambulance/EMS)

In the US? Here are some other resources.