Just like it is important to update your Google Business Listing with changes to operating hours or to provide communication to customers and vendors… It is also important to provide some communication on your website. I have included some suggestions below:

1. Add an alert bar

You can see our alert bar across the top of our website above.

An alert bar is reserved for very important messaging on your website. Typically it has a heavily contrasting colour and a short but clear message which links to a page that supplies additional information and context.

How do you get an alert bar?
Depending on how your website is setup, there are a lot of options:

  • Using WordPress? Many themes have them already, or contact your website-person for some help. There are also many alert bar plugins. Are you already a Solid client? Just contact us and we’ll make it so.
  • Using Squarespace? They call it an announcement bar.
  • Using Wix? Good luck, you’re going to have to figure that out… (sorry, I looked)

For any other types of sites, just check with your website-person, contact your hosting provider, and get one setup.

2. Setup a page on your site or blog about Coronavirus

I address about how to talk to your customers about Coronavirus in another article, but that content needs to live somewhere, so let’s deal with why you need to add a page to your website.

If you or your product(s) come in contact with customers in any way, then you need to address Coronavirus with your audience. The public (myself included) is very alarmed right now with what the future might bring. That sense of alarm can give way to fear, and as a business – you do not want to contribute to that.

Here is how I recommend structuring your Covid-19 information page:

  • Setup a very simple page with a clear written message (examples here).
  • Do not include any sidebar or ads if you can avoid it.
  • Also, DO NOT promote anything or try to turn it into a sales opportunity. (a) If and when that backfires it will be costly, (b) it is VERY tacky and unprofessional.

The basic outline of the page should be:

  • Acknowledge that Coronavirus is a thing that you care about.
  • State how it is impacting your business.
  • Be clear about how you are protecting your customers and your staff.
  • Provide contact information if anyone has questions or concerns.

3. Put the same message on social media

You can either link to the announcement on your website, or upload a graphic or image of your letter to social media. Just make sure you cover your bases where ever you have a presence where you communicate with customers/fans/etc.